Is This Fashion or is This Stupid?

Moschino recently unveiled their newest “dress”. If you can even call it a dress. It’s a dry-cleaning bag. A fucking dry-cleaning bag. They made a dry-cleaning bag into a dress. I don’t know how else I can say it. We live in a society where it’s harder and harder to shock people. That doesn’t mean anyone is going to stop trying. Brands make headlines time and time again for stunts like this. Oh and the price tag for this plastic sweat lodge? Over $700. So that has to get you thinking. Are they really trying to sell you something here or just get eyes on them by debuting the absolute dumbest product they can think of? It’s not a bad idea if it’s the latter. Send some starving model down the runway in a garbage bag (which has actually been done before) to get eyes on your OTHER products. At least I hope that’s what’s happening here. I really don’t want to see these rich snobs tell “us” that’s fashion and we must not understand it. Last year a brand called Golden Goose slapped a price tag of $600 on their dirty sneakers. That’s right. They made a paid of mediocre looking sneakers, and the brilliant part? They just added dirt to them. They look like they’ve been worn for years. How genius! Gucci followed suit this year and so on and so on. There are huge high fashion brands that make their own version of dirty worn sneakers. I guess that’s good for us. Get a pair of shitty white sneakers and wear them to help someone move and you’re the next Kanye West! Excuse the New Yorker in me while I say, get the FUCK outta heeeaa!!!!